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Poem: In the Cool of the Evening

Excerpt from Randy Stodola’s Poetry World Weekly! Historic Issue #2.
I saw you walking in the cool of the evening
I saw you tredging down this trail of tears
I glimpsed your face and beheld you were smiling
But with your smile you confirmed all my fears

For I could see
That you wanted me
And there was nothing I could do
To make you want to change your mind

Hospital Window

I closed my eyes in this cool of the evening
I remembered back to when I was but a child
The autumn wind blew through my gathered leaves of reason
Scattering the bravest ones far away from their pile

Then I could see
My mother holding me
She would be sad
To see me alone with you now

Lived in the woods then I lived in the city
Lived in jungles that had no trees
Lived with passion in the heat of the moment
Lived with the sadness of this final disease

But we can talk
And as we talk
You can tell me all
That you know about eternity

Outside this hospital room the crickets are singing
They sing a lonesome song especially for me
Tomorrow is the bright hope I never shall visit
Tonight is the last night I will ever shall be

For I can see
That you’re waiting for me
Through the sad mist
of my wistful memories

-Randy Stodola

  1. Joe Dean

    7 years ago

    This is a beautiful poem Randy.

  2. Warde Randall

    7 years ago

    Randy, excellent poem, I thought it was very touching. Looks like it was published to boot!

    • Joe Dean

      7 years ago

      Published in Randy’s poetry newsletter, available to view or download on this website.

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